Deadland Video by Clemens Wirth

The filmmaker Clemens Wirth is responsible for the Visuals for my opening track „Deadland“ on my LP – Blue Light District…

check it!




Before you drown – Video by – Tanzcompany Innsbruck/Enrique Gaza Valga/Martin Potocnik

Choreography by Enrique Gaza Valga, performed by Tanzcompany Innsbruck, video edit and cut by Martin Potocnik

premiered by Red Bull Music!


„Autumn in N.Y.“ is one of nine tracks on my album -Blue Light District- and has a long history… I started producing this beauty at the Red Bull Music Academy – bass camp in Vienna together with the amazing NVIE Motho and back in my hometown, Tanj Radulovic complemented the track with her beautiful voice!

This atmospheric video is a work by Martin Potocnik. Who visited the big apple last year with my track in his head….





Natural Instinct video by Martin Potocnik

Using footage from NASA satellites Martin created an impressive video suiting the style of the track…