Soundtrack for a classic peace… Faust I

My theater score and soundtrack history moves on to the next chapter. I was hired to write and produce the Soundtrack for Goethes „Faust I“ at the Tiroler Landestheater!

It is the first time I actually wrote a theme which is used throughout whole play, but in various modifications depending on the mood of the scene of course. I am currently right in the middle of the writing process and so far I am quite happy with the outcome. I find it always very exciting to develop the music by night and reflecting about it the next morning… „will it work with the scene?“.. „does it amplify the feeling of the scene!?“.

Despite two exceptions there will be no beats or drums in the music! Which is very uncommon, but feels very natural for this soundtrack. I try to keep the sound of it very intimate and reduced to one or two instruments. Mainly a fx processed piano and a string instrument (cello or viola) and that is sometimes accompanied by a pad synth.

Premiere is going to be on the 7th of october!..

presale has already started and if you are interested in tickets, then just follow the Link.. 🙂