kentrix - 2The young musician and producer Kenneth Winkler alias kentrix, is driven by one thing: storytelling. From scratching on his father’s belt-driven dual record player at a young age to playing saxophone before filling stacks of paper with his own raps – his motivation was to produce music. Kentrix’s roots are in hip-hop music, the intricacy of which allows him to switch into other genres at ease. Five years of experience as a sound technician at the theater and his own studio have done the rest to enrich his repertoire.
Kenneth was never a big hunter – he’s more of a gatherer, gathering any box or piece of equipment he can get his hands on. Pre-amps, synthesizer, drum computers, compressors, mics … you name it, he’s got it. He prefers working with actual physical equipment rather than a mouse. He works on musical productions from all walks of life on a regular basis in his studio, or as a recording, mixing, or mastering engineer. Naturally, Kenneth aims to profit in his own work from the plethora of impressions brought to him by his clients. Thinking outside of one box for the other box, so to speak… escaping boxes or being caught in them altogether included.
In the studio, he has worked on Konstantin Wecker’s label “Sturm und Klang”, the most recent album by “2econd Class Citizen”, the Austrian reissue label “Digatone”, world-renown musician Herbert Pixner, Berlin-based house & techno label “Blossom Kollektiv”, the young jazz band “HI5”, British label “Weekender-Records”, the ambient droners of “Owl Rave”, sample specialists “Restless Leg Syndrome” and the crime series “Tatort”, to name a few from a long list.
The producer was invited to Red Bull Music Academy – Bass Camp 2013, gaining public attention in Austria. He has contributed various tracks to compilations and samplers as well as composed and produced stage music for dance and theater for the Tiroler Landestheater, for example working with choreographer Enrique Gaza Valga on “Körper.Seelen” or “Dantes Inferno” or producing the full score on director Johannes Reitmeier’s “Die Räuber” or “Bernada Alba’s House”. His most recent work is a chamber opera, “Totentanz”, the premiere of which is due in February 2017. Beforehand, though, Kentrix will release his debut album, “Blue Light District” in October 2016 on Duzz Down San Records.